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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Today is The Day!!!!

6.30 p.m.
10.30 p.m (Repeat)

Catch me live on Astro Channel 714 at 6.30p.m and the repeat will be at 10.30p.m.

Yes.. I REPEAT again,

6.30p.m. and 10.30p.m.!!!!

Why?? Coz I won Rexona Teen's Room Makeover Contest Grand Prize ^^
Further details in here,
here and here.


KY said...

you always win it's not fairrrr!!

jolyn cutiez said...

KY --
Y not fair wor..
when I look into the mirror,
I think I'm fair enough..
Ok la.. I'll wear more sunblock n avoid the sun to gain more fairness to my skin
Happy?! =P

Michael Yip said...

WAH! I so the jealous, you get to be on TV ... super Jealous... Super Super Jealous ... :(

jolyn cutiez said...

michael oi~~ I jealous u.. u jealous me back pula..