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Monday, August 04, 2008

To regret or not to regret..

I just came back from the orphanage. I’m felling rather mad, sad and regret. I gave all my favorites Barbies and books to the orphans. I gave it to them in hope that can bring cheers to all the girls but what I got from the caretaker is bad info that filled me with regrets. The man told me that the kids there will tear n break the toys. In my mind I wish I can take back the toys I gave. I dress all my Barbies nicely and they going to destroy it?????? OMG!!!

This is not my first time giving stuff away to this orphanage, been visiting them since years ago and never heard such bad stuff about the kids, normally I keep in touch with Margaret and all my stuff I passed to her and she always filled me about how good the kid is. That’s why I never feel reluctant to give my precious stuff to them. After searching high and low, I purposely chose this Orphanage because they are the secluded one. I help the one that not much attention given because they need it more.

I don’t give them rubbish k, I gave books, toys, furniture (I even hired lorry to send it to them) and all that is in good condition. The orphanage is some more quite a distance from me and I have to travel far to give them stuff. All needs effort and time. Sometimes I pack them goodies bags filled with toys and knick-knacks just to cheer them up. I treat them wholeheartedly and felt a little hurt when I heard they don’t appreciate it.

Censor Censor?!
All stripped by my sis. Lololol..
Used to play dolly with my sis..

Took me hours to comb & dress them all up...
I handle them with TLC..
and to think that people will destroy them...
sad sad.. sobs...

Woooo.. My collection of Fairy Tales..

It may be inexpensive but it is priceless! I had this since I was in kindergarten.
It has loads of sentimental value.. Feel so sad that I've given them away..

Inside written I'm standard two but I think if not mistaken, my dad bought it for me earlier. I went to the book shop with my dad and chose this myself and
ofcoz he bought it for his lil princess.. =D

i want them back...






I have recovered from all the mood swings...

Or Not?

Although in a shock mode, it’s not stopping me from giving more. I’m motivated to go brainwash them with Clorox. I want to help them cope with their feelings, after all, abandon and left by your parent can scar you for life. It doesn’t matter whether they do it on purpose or not. Probably they (the kids) felt their life is pitiful and they don’t have to appreciate because the community is obliged to help them.

Just thinking about this only make me wants to turn the kids upside down. They have a shelter, they have a home, people bring them stuff and people care about them. It’s not as pathetic as they think their life is, in this world a lot more people that go through harder life than them.

Oish.. kids nowadays, even the unfortunate one can be a brat.

On second thought, I may be too judgmental. Oh well, will go discuss with Margaret see whether the kids need motivation and a dose of appreciation in their life or not. I want to try to arrange something to help them.

This post is not to give people reason not to give back to the community, just me babbling out my feelings. Never give self a reason not to help others; giving back to the community will make you more satisfied with your life. It may be a troublesome but it’s all worth it when things turn out alright.

“Giving” itself, is a gift.
(Trying to remind myself with this quote)

P.S. Did any good deed lately?


MattiE said...

haha thanks for stopping by my blog and dropping a comment. cute post you have about barbie man :)

Simon Seow said...

yeah, I helped kill a lioness a month ago.

jolyn cutiez said...

mattie--> 10q for droppin by too.. ^^

Simon Seow --> poor lioness...