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Wednesday, July 01, 2009



click click click~~

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Haven update this blog very long because was busy with life barely got enough sleep. Now that I plan to reincarnate my blog so here I am. Officially announcing,


Well not myself in person literally. I’m just moving my blog.

Should announced earlier since got my own web like months ago but seem redundant back then due to lack of time to update it. Don’t really know how great it will do now with different host and new domain etc. but am doing it anyway because
I want to. =P
Pardon my pompous behavior but seriously,
I did it because I want to. =D


For more of lil me, do visit my new homey.


Monday, November 17, 2008

Sneak Peek

Ohoho.. Photo shoot for BB & mua..

Make up, hair do, costume and etc. all professionally done.


The real pictures are not out yet but I manage to sneak in camera and snap a few pictures without any conflict,
just a few dislike stares but “hello???!!”…
Like I care.. >=P

Hair & Make Up by HENRY

Photograph by BB (ehehe.. we curi-curi snap)

Creative Designer by JOLYN (Ehem.. )

Here is a glimpse of us..

<1> BB & Mua

<2> Me Lookin Sweet..

<3> Me Looking Fierce...

<4> 2 Runaway Brides..

<5> Old Dolly??!!

<6> Us Again...

<7> I Look Tall in this picca

<8> I Love this Pic..



Head Piece Close Up..

Henry has been very very kind to me...

P.S. These are just 3 of the 5 costume..
So There's more.. =D

Saturday, November 08, 2008

DEEPAVALI holidays

Lately kept posting indoor event, have to post some outdoor stuff to show that outdoor is just as beautiful and fun as any indoor events. Mother Nature rules!

During Deepavali holidays, my aunty visit. Well not the monthly aunty “aunty” but my dear family members. Amelia darling and her family from KL, Alice and Irene pulak from Kedah, all came to Penang. Not much more to write, but just beautiful pictures.

Reach apartment only, bz on the phone but still manage to be a spotlight =D

Still kepoing

Bahagianya dia ni....

We're miles apart but still manage to captured so many pretty moments.. ^^

Elise, Aunt Jackie and Aunty Irene

Woo.. My young looking Aunty...
Proved to people that Age wont bring you down!! =)

Elise darling and mua..

We're Close...

Sayang Sayang.. muk muk...

Kissy kissy..

All set for the Sun~~

Ini uncle of mine lagi set...
Kalah my Many-many SPF Sunblock.. lol

Sweet looking Father and Daughter..

suddenly.. both gave me the NYEK NYEK NYEK look...
lol.. "The up to no good" look...

Wooo.. Macho nyer... Uncle ngan bakal menantu.. ahaks...

I like this picca... A Candid feeling...

Us again...^^


So Adorable...

Pretty moments are meant to be captured,
either by sight or camera..

Just Cherish it...

I know i will...

Friday, November 07, 2008

Pretty Faces..

Uhuhuh.. the horror. People kept telling how scary I look. So not nice compliment k.. Although that means my make up works. Ahahah… have to upload new pretty pictures. Ehehehe…

Actually all these pictures were captured on the night of The Nuffnang Nokia Silent Halloween Party. See how fast me and Ame transformed. Eheh… Manage to meet up with Shida and Yasmin darling before I head back to my lil island. Coincidently Yasmin wore blue colour tops too… Pity Shida, she felt so left out…

WOoo.. How i missed them...





Pretty PICCA!!! ^^

TADAA.. No More ghostly us d...

YASMIN is in blue tooo...

Poor Shida deary.. =P

The blue side of us... ^^

Us and the not blue Shida...

Pretty Side of us..
Agree No??
Blue u.. >=P

Candid by Ame Yummy

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Nuffnang Nokia Silent Halloween Party

Wuhoo.. What an event. Every year I celebrate with my sister and friends at Penang but this time I travelled all the way to KL for HALLOWEEN. Nuffnang came up with another party so I just have to join. Not attracted by the prize but the event itself. Didn't really put much effort in the costume competition, yes.. Jolyn the girl who compete in everything DON'T feel like competing. bleh..

I drag Ame along to this event since she said she never been to a Halloween party before and to be my bloody twin sister. She dresses up so bloody that she scared herself by just looking at the mirror. Her mom said, tsk tsk that she followed me goes nuts again. Lol.. But she’s the one who dap on Ame’s face with black eyeliner though. *roll eyes*

This time, I turn up to the event at Borneo Barouk Club just in time. Everybody turns up in their own unique costume. Some cute, some scary and some so eerie that I’m glad that I’m not eating with them on the same table, I might puke.*No offence Yatz* =P

Oh yea, Got two people I want to give credit to, KY and Fridaus. They have been so sweet to us. Two funny men who danced so nutty but smiles like a sweetie. (ahaks… melebih d me..but they really are nice to us, thanks guys..)

Two Vain Zombies.. ^^

Tryin to pose to scare passerby.. >=P

Zombie can't fly so have to travel by car.. =P

Nicely lit..

Ky with his so out of the box costume..
Ask him what is he, He'll answer U with a spray! Literally!

Kenny Sia with his Michael Jackson Outfit..

Simon, So not scary at all.. He smile only... All costume poof!

Firdaus who dunno what he is...

Jolene the scary nurse... Now if all the nurse dis way,I'll be very afraid of gettin ill..

Chris with his half face... *no sarcasm included*

Liang As the MC again.. He is very funny..lol

Me, PCK and Ame..

Serge look oh so white, Still couldn't figure out what he come as..

Can't even see Yatz face.. well on 2nd thought.. better don't.. >=P

I'm Not afraid of his cute face but suppose to be afraid of his pointy hair but but.. it is barely visible in this pic.. swt..

Ginny the red Devil.. With her as a Hot devil, I wonder who doesn't want to be bad..

Elvis face gone senget d..

Oh no.. Mr Pirate here is scarying me..

I dunno whether this not so scary pirate is blind or what..
i wonder why he want to shoot the dead me.. =P
N carlson is the shiniest vampire i've ever seen before...

She/He Stole all the Limelight!!
He won the Female Category, go figure..


THANKS Nuffnang!

Overall, like usual lor, Nuffnang threw another great party. It is worth all the trouble to travel all the way from Penang to KL. Not far, just FIVE hours of bus ride. @@” Can’t wait for another GREAT party!!!

P.S. More pictures cmin up, wait i go curi 1st... =P