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Friday, November 07, 2008

Pretty Faces..

Uhuhuh.. the horror. People kept telling how scary I look. So not nice compliment k.. Although that means my make up works. Ahahah… have to upload new pretty pictures. Ehehehe…

Actually all these pictures were captured on the night of The Nuffnang Nokia Silent Halloween Party. See how fast me and Ame transformed. Eheh… Manage to meet up with Shida and Yasmin darling before I head back to my lil island. Coincidently Yasmin wore blue colour tops too… Pity Shida, she felt so left out…

WOoo.. How i missed them...





Pretty PICCA!!! ^^

TADAA.. No More ghostly us d...

YASMIN is in blue tooo...

Poor Shida deary.. =P

The blue side of us... ^^

Us and the not blue Shida...

Pretty Side of us..
Agree No??
Blue u.. >=P

Candid by Ame Yummy


Firdauz takes five said...

lol, ur so cute,

KY said...

macam taiwanese stars siall!

jolyn cutiez said...

firdauz --- 10s =)

ky --- who? me? =D