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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Nuffnang Nokia Silent Halloween Party

Wuhoo.. What an event. Every year I celebrate with my sister and friends at Penang but this time I travelled all the way to KL for HALLOWEEN. Nuffnang came up with another party so I just have to join. Not attracted by the prize but the event itself. Didn't really put much effort in the costume competition, yes.. Jolyn the girl who compete in everything DON'T feel like competing. bleh..

I drag Ame along to this event since she said she never been to a Halloween party before and to be my bloody twin sister. She dresses up so bloody that she scared herself by just looking at the mirror. Her mom said, tsk tsk that she followed me goes nuts again. Lol.. But she’s the one who dap on Ame’s face with black eyeliner though. *roll eyes*

This time, I turn up to the event at Borneo Barouk Club just in time. Everybody turns up in their own unique costume. Some cute, some scary and some so eerie that I’m glad that I’m not eating with them on the same table, I might puke.*No offence Yatz* =P

Oh yea, Got two people I want to give credit to, KY and Fridaus. They have been so sweet to us. Two funny men who danced so nutty but smiles like a sweetie. (ahaks… melebih d me..but they really are nice to us, thanks guys..)

Two Vain Zombies.. ^^

Tryin to pose to scare passerby.. >=P

Zombie can't fly so have to travel by car.. =P

Nicely lit..

Ky with his so out of the box costume..
Ask him what is he, He'll answer U with a spray! Literally!

Kenny Sia with his Michael Jackson Outfit..

Simon, So not scary at all.. He smile only... All costume poof!

Firdaus who dunno what he is...

Jolene the scary nurse... Now if all the nurse dis way,I'll be very afraid of gettin ill..

Chris with his half face... *no sarcasm included*

Liang As the MC again.. He is very funny..lol

Me, PCK and Ame..

Serge look oh so white, Still couldn't figure out what he come as..

Can't even see Yatz face.. well on 2nd thought.. better don't.. >=P

I'm Not afraid of his cute face but suppose to be afraid of his pointy hair but but.. it is barely visible in this pic.. swt..

Ginny the red Devil.. With her as a Hot devil, I wonder who doesn't want to be bad..

Elvis face gone senget d..

Oh no.. Mr Pirate here is scarying me..

I dunno whether this not so scary pirate is blind or what..
i wonder why he want to shoot the dead me.. =P
N carlson is the shiniest vampire i've ever seen before...

She/He Stole all the Limelight!!
He won the Female Category, go figure..


THANKS Nuffnang!

Overall, like usual lor, Nuffnang threw another great party. It is worth all the trouble to travel all the way from Penang to KL. Not far, just FIVE hours of bus ride. @@” Can’t wait for another GREAT party!!!

P.S. More pictures cmin up, wait i go curi 1st... =P


Spectre said...

whoa 5 hour plus to Kl by bus! u must very tired when the party end!

Yatz said...

hmph..bcoz the advertisers can't see my face..that's why i didn't win the phone wtfknsccbkia

David Cheong said...

but cannot see my face also ma ROFL

Simon Seow said...

Black Jack is not suppose to be scary la.

imblogger@sh ™ said...

elOooOO ...boo again... shoot you again to make sure u r dead again and again !!! nice meeting you and your friend ..

Jayelle said...

Oooh! Now I know why you're so familiar! You're the one who won for best dressed at the Wild Live Blogging thing right? :)

Was nice meeting you!

wenzi said...

woahh... so FUN... haih.. too bad i cannot pergi eh lo =.=

btw.. good COSPLAY-ing .. LOL

curryegg said...

Ooohh.. You're the girl in baju kurung. hahaha.. creative costume you have there! :)

joshuaongys said...

oh so thats u hahahahahha =D

KY said...

was so nice to see you!!!!

Firdauz takes five said...


ur so sweet!

i like u already, huhu


ame yummy said...

ding-a-ling!!my 1st comment ever! (*i think)
anyways...yeah i didn't realise how scary we look until i had d chance to look at my picture again & it seriously scare d hell out of me! so yeah 4 d make up! but an advance apology to whoever who saw us when we were driving up to d party & happen 2 b in an accident right after dat! spread love~

jolyn cutiez said...

Spectre --- tired but FUN.. So worth it ler.. ehehehe..

Yatz --- ya...lo.. wan to give u prize also dunno who r u la...

David Cheong --- Wei.. Congrats to u o...

Simon --- Well.. its halloween, tot U shud be as scary as u can ma..

imblogger@sh --- y so mean, don't like lil me to be alive ka? *pouts*

jayelle --- nice meeting u too.. Congrats on ur win o~

wenzi --- ehehe... it is not cosplay ler.. nex time bising nuffnang to do at penang.. eheheh...

curryegg --- 10q 10q =)

joshua ong --- u went ka? didnt call me also...

KY --- yea.. nice meeting u too.. thanks for ur sweetnesss

firdauz takes five --- U R very Sweet TOOOOO!!!

Ame yummy ---- uhuhuh.... very touching... my couzy 1st time comment... siap sendiri comment lagi tu.... muackz!! YES... me too get goosebumps by looking at our picca...

Serge Norguard said...

if only you knew what i was...