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Friday, October 10, 2008

S-ing around at Euphoria..

Went to party in Euphoria by Ministry Of Sound at Subang, Kuala Lumpur with Amelia darling and friends. I went there on the 2nd day of Raya and damn~~ the queue is super long. SERIOSLY SUPER long! Gosh!! Though it is long, we enter straight away, thanks to Dharshan, he brought us into the club in a snap. Ehehehe.. we cut the ubber long queue.. Thank him & YAy us..

But end up, the club make me S-ing around whole night.. We have to go the Side, Stand most of the time instead of shaking my Ass off, and Stare at the people around because I don’t like house musics and got nothing better to do. I like to watch House but I Tak Layan House Music. Seriously not at all! Sigh..

That night was very chaotic, because a lot people and they smoke but not as much as other club lar. I asked Dharshan, how come mostly is House music and Snoop Dog?? LOL.. I heard of that guy gazillion time but never listen to his music before except for that song, Buttons by Pussycat Dolls feat him. Oh ya, forgot to make my point, I don’t dig his song and Dharshan said mainly because it is an international club so they play the song Orang Asing suka lor~~ That’s not exactly the way he told me, ehehe.. I modified it d.. >=P

The crowd there got Black, White, Copper, Asia, Eurasian, Latino, Mix, Mocha, Coffee.. Whatever you can imagine of, all there.. The bouncer seriously got tons of work that night, from throwing Blackout drunkards to shooing couples who make-out in the club. Oish… Too many couples listened to Usher’s song a little way too much d I think.

Euphoria got 3 levels, 1st is dance floor where all the shake yer bon bon goes, 2nd is the lounge for people to chill or me who too bored and lastly the basement, that is just way too loud. I can barely stand for more than 5minutes in that room.

Overall, the surrounding is quite impressive and the design is simply unique and most of all, I LIKE the NO-SMOKING rule. The shaky dance floor is a bonus too. Should go check it out if you like House, Trance and Ang Moh.. Their website is very interesting too.. Check it out

Oh ya, got a dude came up to me and asked whether am I taken for the night. Lol.. bb is just beside and like a goodgirl, ya’ll know what my answer is. ^^ Got to give him credit though for being a gentleman and ask first. Unlike others who just go dance behind you like he own you.

And like all of my outing, where can miss out the Kodak moment part.
Too bored there, end up lotsa photos…weee……

See Dharshan head popping out from behind...

Dance fever~~

Wooo.. too bright but we still like it... ^^

OK.. a nice one...

my faithful ol photographer... =D

We and our antics...

Yasmin & Shida really stole all the limelights...

BB, Ming Keat (the drinker who don't go drunk) and his red face friend.. who look Tipsy d..

The sweet lady and Rohith and my bro with his infamous grin.. =.="

Me & bro end up sitting at the lounge area while waiting for the rest to go BACK!! buhoo..


zool said...

First time to visit this blog..
Nice pic..


shy guy

Firdauz takes five said...


i miss u leh, lol

how u doing. u back in penang already?

jolyn cutiez said...

zool --- welcome dear ^^

Firdauz --- I'm doin GOOD.. yes, Im back d..