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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Big day coming..

I supposed to be in KL now but my company did some praying ceremony in conjunction for the Hungry Ghost festival caused me fashionably late to the station until I missed my bus. Oh well.. Gains a little lose a little.

Shoo the minor bad stuff away..


My Birthday is SOON, 2 more weeks to go. Everyday I received more and more cards, birthday greetings with offers that lure you to spend more. Oish.. As if the Mega Sale advertisements that appears almost everywhere you blink are not enough.

Though they are a lot of things to offer but other than make up and unnecessary stuff that I would love to put on me, I have no idea what I want for my birthday present. Well I mean something that is realistic and givable lar~~ If I had not won a laptop, probably that would be on top of my list now but since I got it already so It’s out.

Oh well.. I might just list it out so just in case

Who knows,
Ladyluck might hop by for a visit to read it..

Dream on??








Oh no..

I couldn’t think of a thing to put on The List.. Well I have alot of "wants" but to me all just need works and efforts, no need to wish. Just work it and you will have it. I’m a go getter. Ahaha.. I end up blank list.
I want to have a car but if I work hard enough, I can have it soon.
Oh got
Always when I enter a contest, I put a lot effort into it already then I WISH that I WIN!.
Eheheh.. so there..
Every contest that I enter is my wish.
Obviously I want the prize only I enter.
I don’t go for that cliché such as, “I enter just for fun”.
All contest need time and effort, even filing up the contest form need a little time and effort.

Okay.. Enough said about the list. I did receive my 1st birthday gift already. My birthday dress! Went to shop the other day with B’s sister and I saw a dress but I didn’t buy nor test it. Then that dress haunts me one whole week. I kept thinking how great that dress can be especially for my big day.

Before I could go to that shop again, I went to B’s house and his sister gave me a dress for my birthday.

It is that very dress!!

I was like OMG.. I’m totally surprised.

I’m touched because she pays attention to what I babble and to what’s my liking etc. She’s just plain sweet. When I try it on, for a second there I felt as if I’m in heaven (Okay I might be overstated a lil but still I feel overjoyed).

The dress gave me a fairy-ish feeling.

Wee... I can be very happy over simple stuff. So for those who are thinking of my gifts, fret not. Something sweet, girly, and a dose of thoughts will do. Doesn’t sound simple? Ehehe.. go figure..


Simon Seow said...

My birthday is next Sunday. Thanks.

Simon Seow said...

I exchanged the Jusco gift already. Gave me a booklet of useless discount voucher -_-

jolyn cutiez said...

I didnt redeem mine...