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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I will be on Channel [V]


I’ll be on TV!!!!

WHOLE Asia gets to see lil me!!!!


((After regain some sanity))

Ehem, I blog gazillion times ago bout I’m one of the Rexona Room Makeover Grand Prize winner. Well not exactly gazillion lar, just twice.. ehehe.. here and here.
This is the last prize that i still haven receive.

After the long wait and sleepless night worrying how will I look on TV.
Will I look fat in TV?
Well.. People say, TV adds pounds (I guess, that's why most of the actor and actresses are so frigging thin right?!)

Finally the long wait have gone..
(not exactly lar, another week to go)

So.. u guys just have to pardon my hullabaloo. After all, it is my first time appearing on the square box call TV that every home have.
It is Channel [V] some more, which can be view by whole Asia.


At first I doubt that I would want anybody to watch my little moment of fame. My appearance is nothing near to poise or glamorous. The whole shoot, I just carried a few look; surprise, speechless, nerves-breakdown, and stuttering most of the time. (Sigh.. There goes my chance of any director picking me up for their projects.)

But after a ponder or two..

Despite all the above yada yada, I would be at cloud 9 to know that if anyone of you guys out there would watch my 5 minute of fame. ^^

Remember to tune in to Channel [V] (( Astro channel 714 )) on 30th July 2008 at 6.30p.m. and the repeat will be at 10.30p.m. on the same night. See how my humble little room got glam up and me saying Oh My God. Lololol..

Although this ad got a little of me only, here and there..
I'm still proud to show it off.. =D



Simon Seow said...

You'll be famous. Everyone's going to want your autograph.

jolyn cutiez said...

mock me lar tu..
so bad.. -.-"

soon seng said...

I agree with Simon actually..haha.. Instant celebrity status...

jolyn cutiez said...

well yea.. kinda.. I have to agree with him too if it's not a mock.. =D

jolyn cutiez said...

I only agree on the famous part but not the autograph.. LOL..