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Monday, July 21, 2008

Hotness over the tHorny King

Oh my god, here I am blogging about my love hate relationship with my favourite tHorny king. Not my bf King B or the infamous cow moo moo. Just a tiny tHorny, smelly, squishy creamy and yummy fruit named Durian.

I’m so hot and I do mean it. Just ate a dozen of Durian and my body is reacting towards it. I bet many have experienced the hotness from this infamous fruits before.

I’ve been avoiding the Ol King for so long. Until I got an sms yesterday on my way back home from Bon Odori while stucked in the traffic. My Godbro Alan sms me a killer question, “Mei Mei want durian?”.

Got pondered awhile before I sms back,

“Yes~~ I do”.


Just now Koko came with a box of durian, a bag of mangosteen and rambutans. After I showed him my RM10,000 room and chit chat awhile then when he left,

My durian feast began.

Muahahaha, me and greediness caused me to chow down 7 of it.


So guess what,


I’m sitting here
feeling so


The soft, creamy texture can be very addictive. Once u start, it is very hard to stop. That’s why I love it and yet I hate is as much too. I hate it for causing me overeat and gave me a bloated stomach and became superbly hot (not in a good way k..) but still love it for the above above mentioned reason.

Ying Yang....
After taste a lil bitter then a lil sweet then walla..
I'm High~~ on Durian ...lololol

*When artist had too much Durian*

Monument to durian at the Davao International Airport..

Singapore's Esplanade building, nicknamed "The Durian"

I wonder if they have this sign in the Esplanade.. =D

Remember to eat mangosteen after you ate your fair share of the fruit. It’s a popular believe that mangosteen can cure the heat caused by Durian.

I tried but still, I’m sitting here blogging with a cup of hot herbal tea.

Just incase the mangosteen not power enough to cool down lil ol me. ehehe

So my conclusion is, Thanks Ko for bringing me the Durian.

P.S. for those who are reading, go get some Durian to Heat your life. It may be not too good for ya health but just to spice up zee taste. ^^


eaxan said...

wow ur blog... WRITE so many hours ar haha!
u go and find all the durians photos izzit tats y spend so much time...

jolyn cutiez said...

eheheh.. yea... ^^