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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hot & Sweaty Event

Anybody wants to have a sweaty and muddy weekend? Eheh.. well almost every year the night before will rain and there goes the field. Don’t prep up too Leng Zhai or too Leng Lui because by the end of the day you might look worst than coming Au-Natural in the first place but I doubt that I’ll go all natural without covering my super panda eyes with concealer.. =P.

Bon Odori is a Japanese Festival that held annualy at the Esplanade Field except for last year due to some renovation. You get to indulge in yummy japanese food, dance to their traditional dance, see alot of "real" japanese (not the fake Kawaii, made in Malaysia mui mui chai) that you don't even know so much of them exist in Penang ^.^ and the highlight-->> FIREWORKS.

-- Wear something light so you can join in for their traditional dance

-- Wear slippers, sandals and flip flop so you can walk & dance without worrying about your pretty shoes

-- Keep you make up light so you won’t look like a melted wax figurine by the end of the day

-- Wear thick clothing coz I bet ya.. It will be super hot unless you want to play some strip tease before end of the event

-- Wear your favorite Nike, Adidas or even dumber; HEELS to a field
of probably will be wet and muddy like every year does
( gotta say probably or else if no rain by then, I'll be blame for giving false info & caused some ppl can't wear their pretty shoes perhaps?!)

-- Wear thick make up
( I know this rule but I think I’m going to forgo this.. ^^)

Above are some of the Do’s and Don’t that I gain from my 3 or 4 past trip to this ultra sweaty and quite fun annual event. “Quite” as in if the fireworks nice then it’s good, if the fireworks sucky then it is Quite fun lor… gotta go to judge by yourself at the end of the event.

See ya there?


§pinzer said...

i want to go too!!

jolyn cutiez said...

Yes Mr. Moo Moo..
Fly to Penang~~~
I'll be waiting for ya ^^

DiEsE said...

Seems like a few Penang Nuffnangers will be there (that includes me!!) I need to start practising my fish-catching technique.. ;p

Marvel2U said...

I got few years not went that sweaty event....em~ plan to go. see you yah!

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

ahh i wanted to go but it falls on the wrong day =( my bday. haha. for the one in KL on the 12 of July.

owh i didnt know penang have one also! must be great eh?

William said...

Gosh I think i will miss this..Remember take a lots of pics ya..Keke