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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ohana Means Family

Lately a lot of things happened but nothing involve the public or media. Just laying low and hang out with my family and friends. Celebrated my daddy’s birthday, my brother came back from KL, stayed at home and almost every night was movie night. I love partying with friends as much as staying home with loves ones. I’ve been all over the place for the past few weeks, now it’s the time to compensate to my family.

So fast a week is up and my brother went back to KL ady and I miss him so much but if he stays any longer, for sure I’ll become Ms Porkie instead of Ms Pinky. Lololol… He and my sister have the Non-Fat genes, where they won’t get fat no matter how much they eat. Buhhhoooo… unfortunately I don’t inherit that. Sigh.. During all those movie nights, all they eat is junk food and I got to forgo my dinner in order to enjoy the junk with them. If I eat both meals, for sure I’ll become Doraemon. Brother went back, so it is diet time again for me… uhuhuh.. here here low fat yogurt, oats and junkies must all go bye bye ady.

Lepak-ing @ Starbucks

Mr B, Mr TK and Ma Bro

I brought Uno Barbie Cards and forced everyone to play..
Yes, the guys have to hold the same Barbie card in Starbucks the whole night.^^

The game drags too long and the guys sigh with relieve
when we decided to call quits after 1 a.m.plus..
The fad four; (from Left) Teik, Ryan, CK and Andy..

Last shot before we head back..

(from left)Brother, Sister, BF, GF..

Karaoke @ Citibox

B seems like wanna kill me with his mic

Wua wua... So in the mood...


Friends are there when things are down = must cherish
Family never leaves when things get rough= also must cherish
So that concludes to
50 / 50 importance
So Remember to spend time with family and friends equally.. fair and square..


Huai Bin said...

Yeah, the friends who stay when the going gets tough are the real ones indeed. I've learnt that in all the years I've been though. Family is always important. Blood runs thicker and all that.

jolyn cutiez said...

Huai Bin, good for u to know all that now, way better than later.. so no regrets will mess us up..