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Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Girls can really be a bitch at times. Girls are a very scary being.
Even I am afraid of girls.
Yes, I'm a girl myself, that's why I know how great can a girl be =P

They can show you a cherubic smile and behind your back,
You may get stab and you won’t even know it.

I guess that's the main reason I surround myself with guys more than ladies.
Guys can be bitchy too at times but girls are so good until you can't spot them. Scary~~~

Sometimes I felt hurt by those bitches because I treat them wholeheartedly and betrayal is what I got back?!

What is the definition of bitch?
A female dog?
A mean nasty girl?
Or talk something nasty about somebody who is not present.

If I told others something truthfully bad about someone who I cares because I want to get better opinion in order to help them, does that mean I’m a bitch?

Girl A to B
Girl A: Oh my god B, you look marvelous. Simply hot!

Girl B: Why thanks, just bought this dress last night.

Girl A to C
Girl A: Did you see what B’s wearing? She look seriously fat, I wonder why nobody tell her that.

Girl C: Gosh, how pitiful.

On second thought;

Girl A to B
Girl A: Hello my dear, new dress??

Girl B: yes, I bought it from XOXO last night. Don’t you think it’s gorgeous?

Girl A: Erm, I don’t really like the horizontal stripe, normally it will makes me look fat.

Girl B to C
Girl B: A is such a bitch. She said horizontal stripe will make people look fat. Does she mean that I look fat in this?

Girl C: Oh dear, maybe she’s just a jealous monster.

Sometimes people just don’t want to know the brutal truth and when you said it,
YOU automatically became a B.I.T.C.H.

Uhuhuhu.. I’m confused…

You lied,

you’re a bitch.

You said it honestly with intention for their best



you’re a BITCH.

What to do, How to do?

Hush Hush??
Best just ignore and keep quiet?

Awww.. I’m so confused..
Any ideas?

Guess sometimes life is just like the infamous phrase;
“Life’s a bitch”.

Encounter with any bitches problem lately?

P.S: Oh dear, Look what I'm doing, I'm Bitching.. lololol..


Marvel2U said...

the pictures look cute * - *

Marvel2U said...


Marvel2U said...

cute * _ *

jolyn cutiez said...

Thank you marvel.. =)

Simon Seow said...

Sigh, why didn't come Hennessy Artistry.

jolyn cutiez said...

dear Simon, Simply coz U didn't invite me lor~~