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Monday, July 28, 2008

Behind the Scene of Me turning into Lioness

The party is so cool that it is on TV?! Ehehe.. but too bad lil me is nowhere insight. Sigh.. Mostly is due to my late arrival to the party because busy hunting for the right make-up artist. Check out previous post for the event while here is how I got the invitation to the party.

Behind The Scene

The entire hunt finally came to an end when I found the angel who is brave enough to take up the challenge; to transform me into a lion (as if I’m not fierce enough in real life =P ). Wayne darling, she’s just superb. She’s very gorgeous as you can see, she did the make up with Tender Loving Care and is very open for comment and amend. She is a freelance beauty art stylish and work in Sunway Pyramid Shu Uemura. Anyone who needs Stage, Bridal to Fancy & Fantasy Make-up can find her for appointment or buzz me for her contacts.

Her work is so superb that it helped me to win a Dell XPS 1330 that are said to be worth 4-5k. For that night I’m the Queen of The Jungle. My brother collected my prize from Maxis (they’re the main sponsors) weeks ago and brought back to Penang for me from KL. Thanks to him, otherwise I’ll be the one who carry the huge box instead for the whole 4 hours trip.

Imagine if I'm the one who carried the huge box instead..




P.s.Thanks again to Nuffnang
& Maxis to0!!


Shad said...


oh you had somebody to do your face? i thought you did your face there itself since they provide face painting services there. you came a little late right? cause i only saw you like near to the end of the party. you came just in time to win a laptop!!
gahhh i envy youuuuuuu!! ;)

-terrorist elephant -

jolyn cutiez said...

elo Mr Shad aka Terrorist Elephant,

yup, my make-up is profesionaly done.. ^^ that's why i arrived late. but like u said, just in time to win the laptop =P

ala.. envy wat ler.. u won also.. same o same o ler..

Soon Seng said...

*swoons* the laptop looks awesome.. Haha.. Congrats there! Even the box looks nice... (if I win the box also, not bad already..haha..)

Yahor, I only saw you near the end of the party too.. I think I was sitting at the wrong place..

Anonymous said...

ah~ u the lion that won dell laptop!!!
congratz again~
even i won something there...
but it is like noting compare to urs T_T

jolyn cutiez said...

soon seng - ehehe.. yes the box is quite unique..u didnt c me proly bcoz a lil of wrong place n a lil of my lateness ^^
oh well~
atleast u saw me in the end right.. =D

ren - yes.. Im D Lioness..
10s... well a win is a win no matter big or small..
tho mine is bigger la...
dont whine.. >=P

Simon Seow said...

So lucky. And I'm still laptopless and desktopless.

jolyn cutiez said...

yea right Mr Simon.. I wonder how u update ur oh so famous blog eh..
dun be so humble.. u make me felt so braggy.. >=1

Simon Seow said...

Well. I update my blog using PC in my office or go to Cyber Cafe lor.