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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dot Dot Dot....

Wooo… 1st time Penang Bloggers gets something something from Nuffnang.
FREE movie premier to MAMMA MIA at Gurney Plaza GSC!! Thanks NUFFNANG!!
I saw a lot of senior citizen and unfamiliar faces. Wooo me.. but I did spot a few bloggers; princess, mosquito, and kok. The movie is full of people dancing, jumping and loads of fun. Kind a like High School Musical but it is mostly aunties and uncles that do all the dancing instead of high school kids.
Oh yea, not to missed out some of their naughty naughty jokes, my poor sister kept asking me what is it all about because everybody laughed except her.
Especially the DOT DOT DOT part.. lol..

To me the movie is fun, not bad and I like it. Though I felt a little gross at the part where old people kissing with all the face wrinkling and saggy (Hey what to do, they ZOOM in leh). It’s not that I’m discriminating the seniors just that normally the kissing part in movies were sexy and steamy by young actors and just not like this lar… lol... Okay.. I’ll learn to normalize myself by watching more old people kissing?! Eew.. Oops I meant erm.. Oish.. I don’t think from here things will go right.. so… Ignore… lol…

See pictures!!

Ma sister..

It is free seating so..

We have to LINE up to get the best seats..

Alot seniors..

Wenzi bz snapping and KoK Ah Kok bz smiling..

Muackz him for rushing all the way from work to bring me go gurney..

Mamma MIA! my sister is getting taller than me..

Do I look like a Love Guru to ya??? lol..

Warning!! my sister squinted her eyes to the minimal already so Watch out,
she might try to be angry.. lol

Thanks again to Nuffnang for the free tickets!!


wenzi said...

ooo u curi curi snap me eh ; )

joshuaongys said...

ahahahaha ur sis asking about the dot dot dot hahahhahaha explain to her its something that can eat lar =D nice reading a post on the pg's screening hehe

jolyn cutiez said...

wenzi--- where got..Openly snap k.. =P

joshuaongys--- she is 13 ok.. not 3 years old... lol..