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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

2nd PART!!

Okay, this is the second part of my 22nd Birthday Party.
First of all, I would like to explain the explainable reason on why I asked everyone to dress Pink while I didn't. I’m known for being a Pink freak and since I know my dress is so not Pink this year, I might as well made others wear it. I'm not mean k.. Pink is a pretty colours. I just couldn’t live without being part of Pinkalicious.. ehehe.. hope that cover the whole not Pink issue.

I appreciate all those who help me pull through this party.
BB and his family.
My Sis

And Thanks those who came and the present and supporting my Pink madness.

YUMI flew from KL.. Just in time for my party...

Amy who came pulak just on time for my cake cutting ceremony..
She did follow the pink rule.. Ehem... bra that is..
Only the host get to see to confirm the Pinkalicious factor.. lol

My GREATEST helpers.. MR TK and Seetal..
They help me decorated the party..
Thank you both oh so much...

Wei Ming (said he didn't wear pink but He's holding Pink plastic so He said He PASSED), Ming Chun & Suli

Learn to count with the babes...

Guys giving me their best pose....

BBB kacau-ing behind.. He is trying to become the red back-drop like the one I had in my 21st Birthday Party last year..

I think Me & Seetal are better off sitting down..
Ish.. This Quist have to make it so obvious..
Dear Quist r.. everybody knows your legs are sexy k...

Pose everyone..

Just Smile.. I think my face cramp a lil d.. @@"

They all squeeze into my Grand Prize Room for a look and picca OFCOZ..
something doesn't seem right with this picture,
Suting suddenly became taller and I grew horns.. lol

The eggs are simply too gorgeous not to snap..
Hey.. Eggs too can be gorgeous k..

Something drew by my sis..

My daddy...

My bro flew from KL just to surprise me but he missed most of the party as he arrived late..
but still.. it is very sweet of him.. muacks..

Again... Another girl who wear something Pink that are not easily see-able .. lol

The young mama and his prince..

His prince is famous k.. All girls wanna carry him..

They deserved a Special Frame coz they came the earliest.. ^^

Free Advertisement for Ryan Tung.. lol..

Tsk Tsk.. Party Pooper..

When the party ends and left just a few of us, this is what happen... =D

We can Bite!

And yet we can be very adorable..

Come bug us.. We dare you.. lol

My SuperBBB!!!

I'm a Happy Girl Lady..


joshuaongys said...

heeee nice nice u had a great time rite lolx and the baby is sooooooo handsome..... O.O lolx take care yea and enjoy ur life

KY said...

waaa young mama also got lv bag!

§pinzer said...

eeeeh saw the article got you weh! lolol oredi so femes no need extra la, after your head kembang so big big my queen :P

so when u wanna eat your husband cow? ahhaha!

Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

happy birthday yah!

jolyn cutiez said...

joshuaongys -- yea.. great time.. thanks

ky -- itu bukan mama dia lar.. u see wrongly d..

spinzer -- I'm on diet =P

crazyfool -- thank you =)