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Monday, August 20, 2007

2nd 21st Birthday Bash

18th AUG 2007- Birthday Bash @ my very own home..
Though I’m truly worn out by all the commotion, it’s worth while since I don’t get to repeat my 21st so might as well have the best ever party. This time got more boo boo since it’s a bigger party but thank god all ends well. I received tons of gifts and lots of TLC. I had help from a lot of people, Wilson being my DJ, Seetal and Tecko my photographer, my dad, BB’s sis and mom and for sure can't miss out my BB who contribute the most of all. Everyone contribute little in helping me making my big day happen. I thank all those who helped me and for those who didn’t, I thank you too for not causing problems. Lol. So touch because some travel all the way from Ipoh to my party and oh ya some from overseas (Madeline, EHEM.. Overseas..ehehehe)

My lovely backdrop..courtesy by Roy n Alex

ME n my 2nd cake....

Being da Queen for a night.. =)

My fellow Schoolmates... all born to be a posers.. ^^

BB and his fellas...

My ladies from Over da seas.. =D


I feel like standing in the middle of twin tower.. lol.. Tower A just came back from UK, Tower B pulak from KL... ahahahaha

Me, BB, Koko n mei mei

Calvin on cloud9, Sandwiched in between me n Wendy..

My ladyboss is what i called her.. An angel who took care of me like a sister.. muackz

My Bro who sat 6 hours bus all the way back for lil me.. muackz

Queen n her king...

getting cozy with my gifts...

There goes my 21st blow... All ends well.. AMEN.. =)


Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Princess!

Anonymous said...

ur pic look like u just came back from miss malaysia voting....so pretty.....

eaxan said...

its great... my 21st bday is coming soon... haha... but cannot celebrate so so big like u ler... dun have much supporter.. keke