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Monday, August 20, 2007

KL 21st birthday bash

Birthday party is not only to celebrate my big day but also to commemorate all those angels and guardian who love me and enough to care about my big day and come celebrate with me. Every now and then I hold on tight to my angels for support and guardian for protection. I’m so grateful that I have a lot of them surrounded me. So to honor my big 21st, I don’t mind go all the way to KL just to make a party for a few of my special ones and have a lavish one at my very own house way back at Penang.
11 AUG 2007- Selangor Birthday Bash @ Pizza Hut
all went well with minor boo boo created by the pizza man himself.

Welcome by flower from aunt ginny

my dearest cousin who helped me make things happen.. thanks ame.. muackz

One of my Angels.. dear ol MAK..

me n da dragonz..

he dont look like some1 who wan to curse me to death now dont he.. lol.. jirwan..

just put 2 big and 1 small candle is far way easier than this.. ahahaha...

See what my lovely couzy did to me.. so call continue their tradition.. Sheesh

thank them for their wonderful services..

oh ya.. lastly... what I wanna say out loud is..

this ding dong hair cost me RM80.. %^$^%&%(#&%#*(%*)^*..
note to myself.. next time ask the price 1st.. swt..


madeline k. said...

i luv ur hair n dress

madeline k. said...

ur so gay dude

Anonymous said...

agree wit madeline..ya hair is a piece of art.. =)

eaxan said...

soli when u celebrate ur bday in kl, me at pg.. when u celebrate in pg, me at kl... so i missed all... soli soli soli