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Monday, August 13, 2007


Everyone receive and give gifts occasionally. The gift represents how much the person is worth to you. It doesn’t need to be expensive to show you that he or she mean that much to you but is the amount of the effort in getting or creating the gift that counts. Even if the gifts are not specially made but if you wrap it, it shows that at least you take the effort to wrap it or pay people to wrap it.
Recently I received some gifts; I receive nice gifts and peculiar little one too is not exempted. From Titus brand watch to the taboo wall clock. Yea I got Clock from somebody, just so you know a clock as a gift is like cursing the receiver to death as in Chinese it means death time or burial time??? Not to sure just knew that is a huge TABOO to give people clock but he’s not my enemy nor a stranger but I still haven gather courage to ask him yet why he gave me clock because he don’t look like a guy who want me to go die any sooner.. ahahha.. My aunt confiscated the clock from me because she said it is bad luck to accept it but honestly I’m truly not offended by the gift just a little worried about the curse. He does take the courtesy to wrap it nicely.
I got a few gifts that seem to show me that the giver gave merely tiny little effort into my gifts like not wrapping the gifts or real tiny stuff that don’t worth much. Not being materialistic but its about self worthy issue. This is how much I worth to them to be putted this way. Anxiously waiting for my second round of party and yeah.. the gifts too….

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