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Thursday, August 23, 2007

the real day...22AUG07

Yesterday is the day where I was brought to this world. Celebrated so many times and there it is, the real day where I turn to an adult. Honestly quite reluctant as I don’t like being old but coincidently exactly on the time where I was lost in my age, Oprah’s doing a show about aging beautifully so it helped me get through my getting old syndrome. Ahaha.. and this is just me stepping into the 20s, I wonder how I’ll get affected when it’s my 30’s.. argh.. The horror.. ahaha.. naw.. After that therapeutic episode of Oprah, my healing journey has just begun.
That’s just noon and already my dramatic life began, when step into evening.. Good news delivered to my door step by my buddy Tk, he found my doggies that were lost since last week. That’s one of my wishes that I did last Saturday, it came true. I wonder if I wish for lottery ticket can happen. Lol.
Well after all that its time to get ready for my birthday dinner with babe. Went to Ice Ice baby with my babe (hey it rhyme =P) that I thought would be sucky turn out fine after all. Their menu is full of delicious dessert which I simply lurve more than anything else. Who can blame a girl who have sweet tooth, a big one too that can go gaga when surrounded by tons of dessert. I guess that’s why I’m always loco and all hype up, blame on the sugar rush. Wuahahaha… I drag babe to being vain with me throughout our dinner without giving a damn bout all those other eaters that were staring. I never let go chances to capture every momentous time in my life. I guess that’s why my babe get me Olympus Mju; 770 SW for my birthday.
Simply marvelous day I had.

Already lovin babe's gift before I discovered his true gift..

The Highlight Gift for my Bigday from, who else if not my babe..
It's well hidden beside Mr Bear..

Vanity disease is truly contagious.. *winks*

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yummy said...

hye princess.i love the way u describe urseld n suprisingly i was not bored reading it.,HaHa.no,seriously u describe it jus the way u are but most of all u r a gift from heaven to everyone who is lucky to noe u.muk muk!