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Monday, September 03, 2007

Wacky weekend..

What a wacky weekend I had, from a cute pajama party to a sexay photo shoot.
Walking in pajama is the last thing that will cross people mind when going to a mall like Gurney Plaza but that doesn’t mean is the last thing I want to do. Can’t resist the temptation from the advertisement that I saw in The Star paper about they offer prizes to people who shop in their pajamas during their crazy midnight sales. I was having a hard time gathering up people as not everyone is fond of walking in the mall with your pj. Ahahaha… Thank God BB’s sisters are cool enough to join my madness and in the end manage to drag my cousin Ame also who seriously deter to join when I called her up the night before and we even had a small cat fight because of it. Ahaha.. coz I can’t accept the fact that the closest cousin of mine is not cool enough to join but in the end proves that she does possess the wacky gene, just needed a little push. Four of us each won RM200 gift voucher from Hamid Carpet. Our day ended with laughter and joy of receiving free gifts

Yay.. we got spotted!!!

Could not be much bothered by the onlookers from the mall.

My lovely sista Ame Yummy...

We and the others wacko like us.. Spot me in my red teddy pj? ehehehe..

gotten all comfy with Hamid's carpet..^^

already so worn out from last night hullabaloo but went out again because I just can’t resist the opportunity to spend time with my lovely cousin and aunt. Again we shop but to Pacific Mall this time. Saw the Shiseido Promo thing, where you purchase their voucher and get a full make over with an A4 picture to take home and 4R to send to the contest. I was deterred to join at first but just like my cousin after much persuasion, I gave in. I joined and I realized what always America’s Next Top Model judges meant when they said your nerves will show in your pictures because that is what that happened to most of my pictures. I end up looking better with the pictures that my cousin snaps for me just by using my very own digicam.

gettin ready..

On the set..

Got lotsa picca and this they wan.. sheesh.. dont really like this picca... hand tense etc... my eye is way bigger than this too... sigh... *lesson to be learned-stay firm with own opinion*

Picca taken by my cousin is way way better...

Self picca to prove I can do way better than that...
Certainly going to enter much more until I'm proven I can be what I want to be..
This two days showed how versatile am I, from cutezy to sexay.. I like ^^


Anonymous said...

Ladies & Gentlemen..Put your hand together and welcome our Super Duper STAR IDOL of the year..Miss..Jolyn cutiez!

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Anonymous said...

ur last pic really look like shu qi, izit she is ur sister that lost somewhere???? haha....