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Sunday, September 09, 2007

William @ Piggy ;)

My Saturday night,
Even though still sick I still went to William’s 21st Birthday cum farewell cum lantern festival party. What a Super cost saving party, all 3 in 1. ahahaha .. cute.. The way I know this piggy guy is so coincidently funny. Was looking for my classmate William Lok at Friendster and I end up with William Goh who is my tuition mate's buddy that took us awhile before we three realised. I felt that indeed it’s a small world after all.Sheesh.. So fast already few years passed, he is urm.. wait, going to be 21 years old in a few days time which by then he’ll be in UK already. For sure I’ll miss this piggy guy who always infects me with his laziness virus.

Not bad, taste nice also.. tho I dunno what cake it is...

Everybody BZing with their own Thang... :P

aww... what a happy family... Grandma Fav Grandson big day wor...

William, u just have to sit.. Coz he's SO tall..I look Xtra tiny if he stand beside me..lol

I guess someone must be too excited knowing William will be leaving soon until lit up the fireworks.. ahahaha.. this is D only Shot i manage to snap coz was eating Rojak... hand occupied..^^

A picture of us Trio... Me.. Nicholas@my driver to Wil's party n William D birthday Boy.. Ehem.. "Man"

Shheeesshh.. toO much William.. A vanity Moment for lil me pls.. :P

I like this shot of me and William.. Dont be Fooled.. He's not this short... He's half Standing, Half Squatting... ahahahah

me.. and my creation.. ehehehehe... Happy FLOURday!! ^^
and see what I mean when He stand, I look Puny.. swt..

William's Trademark courtesy by Jolyn Cutiez

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William said...

Thanks for the Blog...Take care girl XD