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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So fast one month past and next week onwards will be the Nine Long Coconuts (in hockien)?? Lol.. that’s the best translation I can give since I’m a banana aka someone who don’t even know how to write her own Chinese name. It’s vegetarian week for a lot of people though I never try before.

Better hurry post up my Lantern Festival Celebration story before it is way way outdated. Ehehehe…

I love to celebrate anything that has connection with the word FUN. So this wonderful festival surely will not be exempted. What so nice? Anything that can gather people and fool around is nice(Ehem in the good way type of fun lar.. not dot dot dot type of fooling k.. lol).

I know I’m slow in updating my blog but that is all because of I’m busy mar.. What to do. Have to be a daughter, friend, sister, girlfriend, and a coach for everybody else. Oish… I’m so puny and yet so many responsibilities. Well that’s Jolyn’s life, always trying to do as much as she can in life. I will try my best to update my blog more often.

This year I celebrated with the Lim’s Association. Wanted to go gurney drive but afraid it might not be as fun and will waste all my effort on going all the way there due to some past experience. Lazy to story that one, will just stick with the present. Not bad this year as it falls on weekend so I can go there early and enjoy without rush.


A Snapshot before we go walk walk with the Ultraman Lantern

I don't think I can ever be too old for this.. =P

Finish walk walk d...

Kids Start with their operation d..

A reason for them to fool around with fire without getting scold

The Moon oh so round and nice

Just like the mooncake i ate..

Love the packaging..

Had yours? Once a year only... Not going to diet on that..

Hope Everybody else enjoy their Moony night as much as I did..



wenzi said...

=.= i call it Nine King Coconut

jolyn cutiez said...

oops..ur right..
tsk tsk..pardon me..