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Friday, December 28, 2007

Xmas Eve 007

This year I gathered friends and family at gurney plaza and everyone required to wear either white or red outfit only. The outcomes of the picture are simply awesome. Though the night seems to be very short because Xmas falls on weekdays and mostly needs to work and can only arrive after work etc. Last year seem to be better, oh well.. human needs to learn to appreciate what we have; I NEED TO LEARN. So here I am saying.. a little fun is a lot better than having a sucky night. =)

now.. don't this picture just look simply.. MARVELOUS

My camera lens are just not wide enough to capture all of us

Me and my brilliant idea in avoiding the hazardous snow

we and the yellow santa and santarina

The kid who wow the audience

Enjoying the best of both world, partying and being a good sis ^^

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