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Monday, January 07, 2008

New Year Eve Gathering

Another weekend, another BBQ.. sheesh.. no wonder I have to put on diet. This time is organized by Teh Khang Ping. Just a bunch of ex-schoolmates sitting and chatting while another bunch grilling their *toot* off is simply, ironically fun. We sweat, we eat, we drink (orange juice only la k), and nicest of all, we camwhore. Ehehehe… Quite a numbers of people had transformed since our secondary schooldays. E.g. Joo Jin who lost 10kgs, Suly who used to have short hair now own long lustrous black locks, and Amy who used to be pretty now became more pretty? Everyone changed, better I shall say. So far nobody grew old yet but just mature. Which is good, I can’t imagine the next 10 years BBQ gathering will be like. @@”


we honouring our host

Some Say two, some say five..

We play hard, We pray even harder

We girls kena "PAO", literally


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Anonymous said...

So enjoying u all guy......but less photo posted here leh....

fr. beng chong