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Saturday, October 13, 2007

~~selamat hari raya~~

omg.. how i love raya.. who doesnt love raya who haves RENDANG, KETUPAT, and baju kurung who hides all the fat that you accumulated during this festive season. I’ve been bugging my schoolmate Faharniza since bulan Ramadhan to make sure that her mom cooks my favourite RENDANG.. LOL.. this raya is a bit rush for me as morning I have to Beraya at my schoolmate's house then transform into typical teen to join my leng lui for a little gals hang out then night depart for my holiday to genting.. whoa.. talk about PACKED.. >.<” but its all worth it..
P.S.secretly I prefered my day goes this way as it’s worth more as more things are done.
Raya Visit..

me in baju kurung.. weeee...

my rendang supplier.. naw.. she's worth more than that for sure.. friendship.. =)

doesnt look that good but it sure does..

ketupat n nasi himpit.. sumtin that im forbid to eat more than once a year.. lol.. hard to digest thats y.. =P

gals hangout..

tracy(Singapore), me(Pearl Island), yumi(Kuala Lumpur).. all far apart.. tsk tsk..

Last but not least..


Gr@Ff!t! said...

you look cute in a baju kurung =)

jolyn cutiez said...

10q 10q..