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Saturday, October 20, 2007

brrrr... cold..

As soon as I landed my feet on the ground of the infamous Genting Highland, I got leg cramp.. DARN.. Worst of all, it doesn’t end there coz that’s just the beginning. It lasted for 3 days 2 night.. sigh.. I walked like a Grandma while babe cough like a Grandpa but both went to Casino and got blocked by the security guard like underage teens. How ironic. Wahahha.. well thank god we’re humorable enough to just laugh all the bums off though it stink to be walking weirdly when I put so much effort in prepping myself up and end up wags like a duck. Sheesh..

One thing that I couldn’t stand, there was an incident where a group of Myanmars guys went into the same elevator as mine and purposely turn around and stare then giggles then again and again.. from 1st floor to 8th floor.. how I wish to just DIG his eyes out and kick his nuts… I felt so violated.. ish ish…

Ignore that,the meal in the food court at the first world hotel was great, they have many types of food and at 1st babe worried that I might not like the food there and insist that we go Restaurant Kampung for buffet.. but end I preferred the food court's food than the buffet.. they have all types of cuisines there.. Appropriate price and worth it.. unlike the Restaurant Kampung who don't have Rendang on Malay Cuisine and charge so expensive.. if it's worth it I don't mind.. like Coffee Teracce...

Despite the walking issue and the stupid elevator incident, Me and babe had a great time enjoying ourself. Sweet~~

just when i posed nicely, this kid came up... just GREAt...

peekaboo.. I see u~~

ain't this cute

B minding his own business

after a nice long day of walk.. a lil Squizing is good... ahhhhhh....

omg.. we're so puny.. boo on the photographer

There air up here is fresh but so polluted by the smokers and the vehicles.. sheesh..

like usual I've created tons of drama but we're good =D
all ends well


Gr@Ff!t! said...

ho!!!! taliban sial !! giler chun tu

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