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Monday, October 29, 2007


I planned a surprise birthday party for a ding dong guy who pampers me more than human being can, who else no other than my lovely bf. The anxiety that I had throughout the whole mastermind nearly killed me.

I booked the room, called up his friends, sisters, and specially made gift from me. May sound easy but its not since I don’t have his friends no. and I have to secretly get from them then make them invite him for a dinner at Tao Authentic Asian Cuisine that he bugged me to go which I gave tons of excuses why I don't want to go (he have no idea I’ll will be there with the rest).

From worrying that he might bail on them or discover our plan before we get to shout “surprise”. All the heart thumping and sweating and palpitation can really shut me down. Besides the problem getting the people, my present nearly can’t make it since it’s specially made and I have to send it from one shop to another to get it done.

Well in the ends all the hard works worth it when everything happened just like I’ve planned though a little late, EHEM.. When I come to Time.. The word LATE doesn’t surprise those who are around me. Ahahaha..
All of us stuffed ourself until we nearly crawl our way home.. wahahaha...

my birthday boy with gift from mua..

The Guys

All the ladies in da house

while the table is still clean, I didn't manage to snap the ending of this very table coz me too busy with scoffing food down my throat

oh o... We got company... since Halloween just around the corner, its no shock that we'll get to see ghost and monster walkin around

I guess he too wanna join our group picture.. ehehehe

us.. without the ghost

a decent design from Secret Recipe.. Tiramisu

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