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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

another party..

Only this page already a few party, will bankrupt soon for all the present. This time is my lady Tracy birthday, our friend Mr. Roy here comes up with the surprise for her. Too bad they are not a couple though because he for sure will become a good boyfriend. From cake to flowers then a plastic plate that he especially handmade for her written happy birthday in Chinese words. Sweet..

Highlight of the night
Mr. Sweet and Mrs. Birthday

See the red wording plastic plate, handmade from him for Tracy

me, tracy and alex

me n my Mr.B, he's kinda tipsy(see his reddish face).. ehehehe

This guy here is way beyond tipsy.. wahahahaha

I seem to go more of the mature look recently.. ehehee..
still, cute is so IN me.. not goin to let it go

1 comment:

eaxan said...

woo woo not u bday hor...
wah i 1st time see so xi xin eh guy lo...
cos i am not so good oso haha.
anyway happy bday to ur fren ooo