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Thursday, October 04, 2007


Lately you can see Chipster almost everywhere, from Friendster to TV. I've entered their contest and ate tons of it too. Check out my photo and vote me!!! Thanks... I'm at gallery page 9 and 10 with the nick Jolyn Cutiez. Just 2 pictures, not much... so I just need your 2 votes.. ehehehe... pls and 10q...




Niyi said...

I hope that's not putting too much on ur weight... not that u're fat or anything but u knw... it's bad for health n stuff.

Niyi said...

hvnt seen u on9 in a long time. keep in touch babez.

jolyn cutiez said...

yea i know, I dun really consume that much junk as I'm a health freak.. lol..
pc crashed, just got it back..
so no more worries bout dont get to see lil moi.. ^^