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Monday, October 01, 2007

1 year anni..

Omg.. How time flies when your having fun..
yea yea.. I know I sounded cliché but it’s the truth though. So fast already passed a year with my babe, guess all the pampering makes me forgot the hindrance of life that usually slow down my day. I’m truly thankful to God for blessing me with B who pampered me like nobody else would (no offends to others, everyone else pamper me too but what he always does is way beyond everybody else league).
I’m likeable but I’m no angel, I’m not perfect. I have a temper who strike like a lighting and hurts as much too but yet he can bear it all. He not only can stand my drama but incredibly, he often enough will join me act out the whole play and twist it to happy ending. He accepted me for who I am, bad or good he take it all. He read my needs like a scanner, He crack me up like a professional comedian,
He’s just a human who miraculously fall for me and I’m grateful for having him. Amen. ^^

babe... bz with his meal..

me acting.. shy shy... ^^

Babe surprised me with a Police watch.. so sweet..
but I didn't manage to give him anything... nvm... I will make it up to him... BIG TIME.. I swear... =P


meng yen said...

you're so lucky, babe! your baby looks hot. and you look REALLY REALLY hot! i is super jealous! lol.

jolyn cutiez said...

ehehe.. 10q...

beng chong said...

i think u r de lucky one in all my frenz.... wish u keep on ur lucky days....hehe

Niyi said...

oooo~ pweetiee watch~~~