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Sunday, September 30, 2007

wat a crazy outing..

It has been ages since I hang out with my ex-schoolmates. Seems like forever since the last time we actually get together. We all gathered for our dear ol friend, MR.CHEW WEI MING 21st Birthday. Ehehe.. just have to highlight his name since he’s the main reason we all gathered. We all got into the Seoul Garden VIP room and talked as if the room is sound-proofed. We all went super psycho, *Ehem* when I said “we”, basically I meant “Me”.. ahahah I guess effect of the sugar rush from all the free ice-cream. The food is nice, the crowd is cool, I got tons of pictures.. so YEAH.. I had a great night.. lol..

MR CHEW n MRS CHEW... ooohhhh.. he likey what he's seeeing... =P

amy.. me and mrs chew who is actin cute to his hubby aka the cameraman.. ^^

The Dudes of the Night.. JJ in the middle looked as if he's protecting himself from bein molest.. tsk tsk... u guys... keep ya hand to ya self k.. lol..

There'll always time for me to be vain.. ^^

I just couldn’t resist the temptation to be in the picture… ehehe

We like to Hustle.. Join us or bear our bustle >=P

I wanna jump... they dont let me eat more ice-cream~~.. hurm..

Where are u.. jo.. jo.. lai kuai.. come back... we give u ice-cream k.. jo~~ ^^

no more ice-cream nvm.. Next Stop.. Hello Kitty Land.. here i come~

buhooo~ it's closed!! I dont care! I'm Sneaking IN.. guys watch my back..

I end Up in Hello Kitty Jail for a night... - The End -
p.s. No more ice-cream for jo.. lol


Niyi said...

tht pic of u (alone) leaning against the door jz seems soooo wrong. like seriously wrong! and jz a very frenly word of advice...
nxt time in pics dnt stand near things tht can be use s comparisons for height ie railings in the last pic. if u get wht i mean.

jolyn cutiez said...

ye la ye la.. i know im petite lar... *bluek*