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Friday, September 28, 2007

Say Cheese.. Peace.. Smile?

*snap* *snap*
I simply love to snap pictures, not any artistic nor landscape picture but pictures of people I loved and me myself also of course. No matter where I go, every moment counts. People might look at me as if I’m some vain freak but I don’t mind. To me, I don’t believe in long life. Life is full of surprises. People around you or you yourself can die anytime , I just want to make sure I captured every moment of life. Life’s precious, cherish it. Never take it for granted because you might lose it before you knew it.

I’m not being pessimistic but just realistic..

Lately so many distressing news published on newspaper, just make me cherish my life and loved ones more. So many mourning over deaths that created by other human fellows. Nowadays it’s not only old people that we have to prepare ourselves to mourn about but young ones too. Our current world just full of psycho that can easily take away lives of your beloved anytime or day when you least expected.
So.. From simple dinner to wedding dinner or friends just hanging around will trigger my picture snapping frenzy madness. I always manage to make a scene wherever I go, well I don’t mind as long as I got what I want. People might laugh at my silliness but it’s me who will have the last laugh when I get to view all my precious moment anytime I wish.
Here are some of my random moment..

tryin out dresses @ Forever 21, searching for my 21st Birthday party dress..(forever 21 for my 21st.. get it?.. bleh.. if u don't)

me & shida @ starbucks.. bugging her while she's working..*ehem* free drink..

brother, tengok kanan dulu, lepas itu tegok kiri.. den lintas.. lol

with my lovely cousin during the pajama party..

Free promo for nandos.. acted shy shy but took this picture as if there aint nobody business.. ahahahaha

Its drama babe..just silly ol drama... ^^

Life’s full of drama.. Heck why not create one for own amusement..


Niyi said...

you mean you like to takes pics of YOU YOURSELF and anyone else who might have coincidentally been in the frame?
cz trying to find a pic w/o u is worse than trying to find Osama.

jolyn cutiez said...

well.. duh~~ its my blog afterall... ding dong!!