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Thursday, September 20, 2007


The news regarding murdered little girl’s body who was found in a luggage bag with cucumber and brinjal inserted in her private parts until damaged her rectum hit me so badly. As a female, a teenager, future mother and somebody who might bear a child, I felt so vulnerable. Why nobody do something about it? Why must wait until things got up to this bad only voice out anger and frustration.

When rape and murdered case came up, STUPID people came up front and blame on we female. How we lure the rapist to ourselves due to our sexy cloths or behaviors. We female are traumatized enough having to hear the bad news daily and to hear such remarks is just like adding salt to our wounds. Why aren’t we protected and have to face all this silly music.

What next? Blame on the child? Is it the little girl’s fault that she is born too cute up to the point where a man would want to rape her? Is it her fault? Or her mom fault for gave birth to a cute little child? All this is so stupid. I even heard some people blame on her disheartened mom who let her out alone to pasar malam. People just don’t get it do they. YES it’s her mom irresponsibility for letting her young ones out on her own but why focuses everything on the victim but not the monster? Can’t it be the monster that can’t hold their morality strong enough against the evil? Don’t give slack to the monster who is the man who responsible towards these entire hullabaloo.

The monster purposely arranged the murdered little girl to be found, clearly showed that they aren’t afraid of the authorities. It is not the psycho out there that I’m worried of; it is the majority of those “courageous people” who aren’t intimidated by the law that I’m terrified. The common daily offenders in paper are mostly ordinary courageous people who rape and snatch. It is just occasionally come up cases as horrifying as above.

What position that are left for us women? Even when we are with our man we could easily be over powered and gang raped right in front of them. For the authorities, they should keep in mind that they have wife, sister, daughter and even mother who are in a position where there are possibilities all these INHUMANE acts can happen to them.

How many more females must be victimized to open up everyone eyes? When will the authorities wake and accept the fact that something needed to be done to stop all these cruelty from happening. Tighten up our country security! Intensify up the sentenced! Why can’t the rapist who got caught be castrate? Too INHUMANE to castrate a MONSTER who raped and take away lives of the helpless female?

Wake up my human friend before someone you loved force to be in the little girl’s shoes.


William said...

The society is corrupted, rape case is everywhere in the street. I agreed with you the punishment should be heavy, i prefer them to be punish on their mental than their pyshical,such as inject some femine hormon in their body to let them become she-male XD. I feel sorry for the lil girl's family.I hope the society will look seriously in the rape case.Its so dangerous to walk in the street nowdays. All we can do now is be more carefull when walking in the street try to avoid dark places and always be cautious. Take care.

meng yen said...

I feel you, babe. I once had a FEMALE lecturer tell me that women who dress sexily are asking for it. I damned near lost my temper trying to prove her wrong. It's not our fault that there are maniacs out there. I just think it's fucked up living in a society that doesn't respect women. Even the women don't respect women. argh!