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Sunday, February 25, 2007

my lovely valentine

My Valentine's Day began very early as babe surprised me with a bouquet of white lily he ordered florist to send directly to my office.. so sweet. Babe was late and lucky him that earlier of the day he already sweeten up my heart with the surprises otherwise... dum dum dum.... BOOM... hahaha..

me posing with babe's surpise..

The night out was just a simply double date with my girl Fenny at a restaurant and later after that we went to a cafe and chill. So funny to see Fenny and my boy arguing and debating as both are very egoistic type of people. Me and Johnson just sitting at the side enjoying the movie... wahhaha..

Fenny & Johnson lookin oh so adorable...

me & my babe.....

After that we head home and exchanged gifts.



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