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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Welcome the piggy year.. GONG XI

ahhh... Chinese New Piggy Year, where it’s all about reuniting with family and relatives. OKok.. a little about ANGPOW also.. *grin* Reunion feel just swift by within blink of an eye. So fast that I don’t want it to end where everybody have to get back to their own busy life. Well that’s life but I guess it’s the best it goes that way cause when you have too much of something you won’t know how to appreciate it. I manage to capture a lot of crazy moment because after all I AM reuniting with the sifu of all my crap. lol. Suppose to meet up with the BRATS but aunty uncle said, “CNY must stick with family...”
My huge apology to my brats fellow. During CNY managed to catch up with my beloved cousin, aunt and uncle. How I cherished those precious moment as I might not get the chance again next year because we don’t know when is one expiry date (my decent way to describe death). My only solemn is my babe has to be apart from me but I’ll make up to him so guess everything goes well for the start of OINK OINK year. =)

me n my lil darling cousin..

me, ame, n xanna.. muackz... how i miss the old times..

me & my cheeky sista..

ame, me, & lavinia got ntg better to do.. =)

me & my sugar daddy... :D


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