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Monday, January 22, 2007

Here & there...

OMG.. What a Crazy Week. Work,vacation,shop,bouldering, and more shopping. Oh yeah, I was sick most of the time.. Sheesh.. like usual, sick won't stop me from having FUN :P Work for a day and off for the rest of my week. Ironic is I went vacationing at my very own town. Batu Ferringhi beach is superbly beautiful and there goes my fair skin. >.<"

..^^ Me, Ame & Shida posing for the nice man who help us snap ^^..

us with the tiny star =)

ahhh~~ wat a way to start the year ;>

after beach, pool time =D

from land to the water.. nex... THE MOON.. ^^

me & my daddy hat... ehehehe..

The next day before we head to Penang hill, another session with the beauty of the mother nature..

land, pool & now air? >.<

When on top of the hill all I wanted to do is take a deeeeeep BREATH~~~
coz nowdays is very hard to get fresh air... Aside from the stunning view, got pretty japanese friends to hang together also.. Sweet..

japanese, european, malaysian?? INTERNATIONAL!!! kaori,tomoe,shida, me & ame =)

Spectacular view from the top of the hill..

After all that, the next day I got eye infection... buhooo...
Then not fully recover yet I went to for the ODAC for bouldering aka wall climbing...

controlling cute while hanging up there... lol..

we and the wall... =)

Thats all for the week... n I shall begin my week with aching body... urgh... >.<"

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kw_mak said...

Always have to be cute one is it? Can't you just, for even one second, not be cute?

Anyway, I'm happy you are doing so many things and leading a great life, which is a lot different from what you were back then.

Remember to do good always and help others when you can.