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Friday, January 19, 2007

Old time...

So worn out.. Did so many things in so little time..
But I truely had tons of FUN so I can't complaint much..
Last weekend went to visited my aunt at Kedah with my cousins etc. Went to Padang Besar bought a lot of nuts *very nutty indeed*
Later that day went to somewhere further up near Thailand to visited an Uncle who I haven met since ages ago. I manage to snap a few old pictures of me with my family from their photo albums. Me and my cousin talked and reminisced about our old time. Whoa.. I make my self sounded so OLd..lol..Oh yeah, I discovered something that I'm so proud of!! That is.. I'm not born chubby!!!! All my younger pictures showed I'm skinny.. weee... *vainity* >=P

Ron, Ame, & SKINNY me... ahahahaha...

alice+shida+ame+me + boredom = Tons of pictures.. =D

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