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Saturday, January 06, 2007

My Lovely Xmas

My favourite celebration!! I love Christmas so much because it’s a colourful celebration and almost everyone celebrate Christmas, no matter young or old, Buddhist or Hindus, everyone celebrate and share a little joy from to this wonderful occasion. Christmas is an occasion to give and share among the one you love. This Christmas I manage to get my entire list done, thanks to God blessing. I manage to bring joy to my home, spread a little to others, and myself.

23rd Dec 06 Xmas BBQ Potluck Party
My close friends all (well almost) manage to come, share their wonderful food and chat with each other on this wonderful night at my little house. Everyone brought their own cooked food to share. Wilson (our wonderful Star Cruise chef) my favourite food, Spaghetti!! Every time people commented how nice his food is, surely follow by the word STAR CRUISE.. *Ehem* Tecko my faithful ol pal brought jelly, the dish that everyone finished first. Seetal my girl whom I befriend since primary school brought her wonderful cake. Alan bro brought me his tomatoes Bee hoon. Raymond my buddy brought wine to me that I still haven drink yet. Carl dearest brought everything else to fill up the night; food, crowd, love and his body. *giggles* The whole night was very nice and HOT and I mean LITERALLY! The fire cooked everything including my acne. LOL. Everyone had fun cooking, chatting and squatting, even Seetal who wore pretty dress. Thanks everyone who made my party a success!

24th Dec 06
I stop by St Joseph Home with my party gang just before I headed to the mall. I gave all the kids present and boy do I have tons of difficulty deciding what gift to give and to who I shall. I wonder how Santa manages to pull all that off, a big applause for the big guy. ^^ A cutting seasons for the tiny Xmas cake that I brought and go nutty with the kids awhile then I’m off. A moment at the home really gave a huge satisfactory seeing the kids priceless smile that I carved on their face by just doing a tiny deed.

My annual party at the mall is just wonderful. Just that this year slightly different as I join in babe’s family and minus my bro as he couldn’t make it back on time, thanks to the lousy bus driver but I still got my sis with me. Whoopee? Ahaahaha.. Our troop is simply dazzling. We’re around 20 plus people, no matter young or old, guys or girls, all are very cool as in spirits. We’re like the Christmas gang, as every one of us wore the Xmas hat and in our troop got a young Santa wannabe also. LOL. We even dominated the Domino’s pizza place and took over nearly 10 tables of theirs. >.<” The whole night was like snow war. The fun part was whoever who came to spray either one of our troop, the person got it back real bad (imagine our whole troop attack the attacker, you sort of can add cherry on top of their head already..Wahahah) Everyone go back with sticky and sweaty body but still wearing a smile on their face. *Sweet*

25th Dec 06
My bro back, I have a whole family together on Christmas day!! I got a superb present and all my loves one love their present as much as I love mine. I didn’t ask God for these but this is all what I’ve been yearning for; to spread joy to my loves one, have tons of fun myself, and spread joy to others also. Guess HE heard from deep within my heart.

WONDERFUL Christmas =)

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