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Monday, October 06, 2008

Pabila Syawal Menjemal..

Selamat Hari Raya, Kepada saudari serta saudari..
Setahun, hanya sekali.. lalalalala~~~~

Yay Yay.. Another celebration equals to another reason to temporary abandon the healthy diet regime and get fat!! Lol..
Rendang & Lemang, Snacking & Binging, Sleep Late & Partay!!

Ehehe..This year celebrated Raya with my family and friends since I’m having my yearly vacation with BB at KL.
So I had twice the fun this year. Yay me.. lol..

Aunty Jackie really knows how to make sure I ate enough while her daughter aka my lovely deary cousin Amelia, make sure I shop enough.

So I’m back home now with more fats and more cloths and less money. @@” ahaha… and happier of coz!! =D

And and more more PICTURES!!!
Here are the pictures of me with family and friends at my cousin’s Raya Open House.

My lovely couzy.. Ame Cayang ^^

Cutesy Wootsy

Tambah My Adik behind

My cunted Uncle..

Uncle Anuar Said.."Sedondon!"

Mohd BB & Siti Me.. lol..

Me & Shida Camworing..

JayXhen & Ayu

Salam dik,Salam~~

Forever Rawks punyer Aunty Molly...

Beraya Beramai-ramai

Muhihbah babe!!

Lavinia - 14yrs old, Me - Old, Ju Wen - 13 yrs Old
tsk tsk.. I'm so puny in between both of them..

Mari Adik, Kakak Ajar Camwhoring.. =P

Do we look alike?? Same manufacturer o~~

Mohd Jay ngan BB Bin Me..



farahrozhan said...

Hey you sweet stuff. So cute seeing you in baju kurung and all, immersing hari raya.

but there's a bit of a typo i might say ;p it's menjelma instead of menjemal. just thought you should know!

jolyn cutiez said...

Ooopsie.. ehehe.. Selamat Hari Raya to u my dear.. ^^

vialentino said...

hi hi....ding dong...visiting u here...very nice blog here, will visit here regularly, hv a nice day

vialentino said...

ooops...my ding dong is a door bell meaning ringing to ur blog site...i dun mean u ding dong...sorry sorry...hehehe