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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Omg.. Haven updates my blog nearly one whole month. Been rushing here and there until no time to settle down and write what’s happening in my colourful lil world. Oh well, let the past be the past and let me begin with my Pinky Birthday Party.

Everything went quite well, all thanks to my superBB. He helps, wait, I don't think "help" is the word, HE "KAOTIM" = "Settle" everything for my whole party. Me just busy catching up with my friends. It’s something different compared to last year, last year the guest was double and so does the present.
This year I cut half of my guest list so the present might be little but I wouldn’t have time to chit chat with them if the no. of guest is a lot. It's worth it.. =)

The guest were quite cooperative regarding the dress code, almost all of them turn up in Pink. Just a few guys that didn’t go pink but some of them wear the relative colour such as red. Quite cute I must say.

Wuu wuu.. Let the Picca Snaping begin...

In between of two married couple..
Gosh I felt I'm not only the star of the night
but also D biggest Spotlight...lol

"Peace"... MY X-schoolmates!!!

Seetal darling.. My friend since Gazillion Years ago.. =]

My new neighbour..

Old Neighbour.. I miss them... :'(

Lai makan makan...


Quist, Kevin, Seetal & My Sis deary..

BBB's Family..

BBB's Friends.... Thanks guys for the Roses
(Ryan Tung, Tell them for me!! ehehe...)

There are guys and these are ghouls... lol

Part of the Kuih Club geng.. eheheh..
Yumi (thanks dear for coming all the way),Alex & Roy..

My relaxer.. ehehe.. Christine the masseuse and Aemy the Tauke-So.. =D

The rocking couple..
Girl=Pink Bag / Guy=Pink Bangle & wear it with necklace as a pendant..
Quite creative.. I'm Amazed..

Super Pink Couple..

Super Early couple...
1st to Arrived to my lil party.. ThANKS!!
*Kevin Wears Pink Bow on his ponytail.. Super Sporting!!


Stay Tune for the 2nd part!!!

That’s all for now..
Oh yea…

I finally free to blog because..


I’m sick at home…

Ding dong flu…

piff pifff


Kevin said...

Let me be the first 1 to leave u a sweet comment here for a sweetie and pretty birthday gal for the party...lolx..Why the theme is pink and you not wearing pink 1?I tot u should wear pink with pink hair like what you did for the cosplay..xD..

jolyn cutiez said...

Well.. If I'm wearing Pink too then I wouldnt be special already right?!

Kevin said...

Want to be outstanding from the others oh?
Well u did it...lolx..