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Friday, August 22, 2008

To my Best Friend

Paris has Nicole.
Lindsay has her lesbian partner.
Dawn Yang has somebody else who certainly is not Dawn Wayang or Xia Xue.

I don’t know who I consider as my best friend. I always have been surrounded by good quality friends, I truly am very blessed.

I used to pout to Tally (my schoolmate who used to day-dream then he stay very still, barely blink like a doll and very tall, been calling him that since ages ago..) saying that everybody got so many friends during my secondary school time. Without realizing those who are surrounding me. He told me a quote that I remember it until now, “Friends are base on Quality not Quantity”.

That sticks with me throughout the years and made me focus on real friends rather than aiming for a lot of Hi Bye friends. Thanks to him that now I have gazillion good quality friends (including him). Still among tons of those good quality friends, none of them are my best friend. Seriously, not even one.

MY best friend is here, not there.

Today is my best friend birthday.
I would like to wish her all the best
may she get what she wants in future.
May she always be loved
cared by the one besides her.
All the best to my bestest friend.

That's right.
My Best Friend

Who stayed with me even when others walk away.
Who is the one who make me stand when I fall.
Who feel what I feel.
Who cry when I’m sad.
Who laugh when I’m happy.
Who give me a sweet face to show to others.
Thank me, myself, and I.

Happy Birthday


Magtone said...

!~Happy Birthday Jolyn~!
...May ya wish come true...

wenzi said...

happpy birthday to u ehhh ^_^

maybe i am late for this.. ^_^

have fun ^_^

Simon Seow said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Ryan said...

Happy birthday and ...Where is the photo..i been waiting for a week d @_@

joshuaongys said...


jolyn cutiez said...

Thanks guys... =)