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Monday, June 09, 2008

Ichibanzai 2008 @ Kdu

My first time cosplay competition experience was extremely nerve-racking. The costume and wig already suffocate me and add up the butterflies in my stomach really enough to make me vomit out all the food I had for the day (thank god I didn’t lar). Never thought I could win when I saw a girl who cosplays so well that everyone thought she could win. She seriously is so into her character.

So suspend when they announced there are ties between two cosplayer and I was so sad when realised none of the two is me and a little piss too because two of the selected cosplayer was standing right in front of me.

I thought, “Dah la I didn’t win and now even pictures also can’t see my face.. uhuhuh…” but end up they announced my character as the winner.
Syok habis me.. At least didn’t waste my effort putting all together.

The prize is simply figurines and some vouchers but I did gain lots of experience and friends. M Hanif @ Red taught me a lot about cosplaying and telling me how I need to get my self nick (Any suggestion people??).

The first time I didn’t quite enjoy a function as I was too tense in becoming good. Note to myself, “RELAX!!!”, chill and have fun. Oiuh… where is the hedonism when I need one.

The Host of the day

Judges.. Their critics remind me of the Idol-idol Competition.. Strict Sial @@"

Some of the contestant

The first contestant.. boy.. the judges really gave her a hard time..

She's from final fantasy..
she look like a singer more to me.. with the mic and pose.. ^^

She's the girl who i must say that is the greatest cosplayer so far to me..
she's really cartoony..

Miss Kungfu

The handsome girl.. See.. even the host going gaga over her or him.. or her.. =P

She.. erm... very simple yet very charateristic..

This guy plak way way wayyyyyy too simple...
when he went up the stage.. i heard ppl whispering,"He cosplay??".
With a dagger... walla!! he cosplay... @@"

"She look like a supermodel more than a cosplayer," said the judges..
indeed... leggy and gorgeous..
her face remind me of my friend, momo..

L.. i pity him when the judges commented so long and he have to bend until they finish..

He is so nervous that everyone can see his hands are shaking..

The pink colour version of Kirakishou from Rozen Maiden

The guy lolita.. He has the coolest wife.. YES u read it right.. WIFE..
His wife is the one who sew his dress and even brought
his 3 month old baby to this event to support his husband.. awww..

me and my sis.. Oh yea.. i forgot to mention.. that
I'm Kirakishou =P

Pose baby pose....

my new found guru and driver of the day.. =P

group photos...

i thought it is a kitty, Kon the Kitty.. until Red said.. "No.. It's a Lion!"...

See.. How I'm blocked.. i was devastated for moment behind there.. lol..

and the winner is....

Kirakishou ^^


Ryan said...

The winner is... The HOST!! (pink color & strawberry pics)omg shes so cute! damn how to get her number or meet her once again...

anyone know her? kindly tell me, please, i beg u!

Xand said...

You look great gurl
Love ur clothes expecially ur hair
and others too
U look so anime(ted)
Congrats for winning


Red Royal Guard said...

Nickname? How about "Kirakishou" after your first cosplay!

Steven Spielberg a.k.a Magtone =] said...

Dear Kirakishou,

I'm searching new faces for my upcoming movie and seem like you qualified for this. Kindly contact me for an interview.

From: Steven Spielberg

Aronil said...

you are absolutely adorable and I have to say you have amazing costumes. Me and my group were totally routing for you for the xps lol provided we weren't nominated la :P. and that japanese outfit is a 10! I should trying going for one of these one day. Always wanted to but never got to.

jolyn cutiez said...

->Ryan -- "You're such a desperado lar".

-->Xandra -- Thanks Dear ^^

-->Red -- Still thinking.. Kirakishou sounds too long.. -.-

-->Magtone -- Mr Steven r.. *Speechless* =P

-->Aronil -- Thanks for evberything.. ur so sweet =)

Simon Seow said...

WTF? You're a seasoned Cosplay winner, that's why also win the Queen of the Jungle la. *salute*

jolyn cutiez said...

Eylo Mr Simon.. It's two different stuff k.. Put lotsa effort.. LOTSA!!

wenzi said...

Ou.. no wonder u look familiar.. so u r the pink hair "Kirakishou" during ichibanzai eh? nice meeting u

jolyn cutiez said...

Dear Wenzi, I look familiar to u?
Nice meeting you too(if i can recall where i bump into you in..) **tips pls** =D

Anonymous said...

your kirakishou costume is so cute! i plan on cosplaying myself, but can't sew worth beans so i'll be buying my costume. the wig you did makes it a winner for me, let alone the work you put into it for the dress. keep it up, no matter what.