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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Wedding Bliss

Happy occasion such as wedding is really powerful, enough to push aside all people grudges against one another. I’m happy everyone is busy creating a marital bliss for the couple rather than angry at each other. The occasion just pulls everyone together. Very cooling to the eyes, but bring warmness to the heart. I love it. Feel like getting married myself.. AHAA… still years to come.. years to come..

My cousin Norman and his newly wed wife have been couple for 11 years!!! 11 years!!! Praise to the flourishing couple. They stay true to each other through the rain and shine. They seriously are a true loving couple.

auntie yam char, uncle lim teh

Sweet sweett...

Their wedding is held in Sentosa Regency Hotel, Alor Star. My aunts and uncles came all the way from KL to be apart of their wonderful occasion. This did wonder to my Kodak moment. =)

One of my closest aunties, Aunty Jackie is so sneaky. She shocked the hell out of me when I saw her. She lost weight and she walk down the red carpet looking remarkably gorgeous and glamorous until to the point I have to ask my cousin is that my aunty who I think she is. Gosh, she followed the diet I taught her and shed all the pounds secretly. Never in my mind will she be serious enough to follow what I taught because it needs a lot of will. She did it and that just make me proud because she gain all the confident she should be having for her beauty the God gave to her.

This day is simply a blissful day for me and my family. LOVe love love….

Men of mine ^^

Personally mine... =D

Yes i snap everything.. No i didnt snap picture standing infront of a mirror..

Coz she snap me and i snap her... ehehehe.. i know... vain.. =)

We together..

Courtesy by Ame Goh

Weee.. Cousins....

We... Siblings..

Blood is definitely thicker than water..

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