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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sweetest Valentine's Day

Can my life be any sweeter?! At first I was devastated when I heard B said that we can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day because he think it is more appropriate he stay at home since his house will be celebrating the ninth day of CNY and his house will be full of relatives. So although I was upset with his decision I agreed in the end since he promised to celebrate on Sunday instead.

Never occur to me that he will ever surprise me with such sweet stuff. Sweet to the max I must say. He brought me balloons, cakes, chocolates, and pretzy!! We arranged the balloons, chocolates, present onto the table and light up the cake and “wallah”!! I’m in heaven or in some chick flicks the Oh So romantic movie.

After a few snapshot of the moment, we enjoyed the cake under the floating balloons and everything seems surreal to me. Haven even got to the present part I’m already on cloud nine. He gave me an Esprit watch, the one that where just few days ago I commented how nice it was. He not only showed to me that I’m worth all the effort he goes through for me, he also showed to me that every word I said he kept in his mind.

All I can say is.. I’ll cherish him like the most precious treasure in my heart.

P.S. Sunday will be the premiere of my gifts.. ^^

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