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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Ang Pow hunting ^^

First day of Chinese New Year is favorites among the kids and those who haven married yet because only we can get ANG POWS (red packet). While those married man and woman surely hope they don’t get to meet with lots of their relative’s or friend’s kids. Eheheh.. I’ll make sure I get enough of my fair share while I still can.

I’ve been searching ups and downs to get the right outfit for this very day and got it finally when I went shopping with Ame the other day. How lucky are we to get last two Cheongsam from the boutique that coincidently left S size. She got the black one while I got the white one.

Excitedly, we wore it for the first day of our CNY. We got a good feedback from our uncles and aunts, all of them are really fond of our spirit. =D We surely snap a fair share amount of pictures, we rarely get to wear cheongsam ( like I need reason to snap picture >=P ) unless for a particular special CNY day of Halloween perhaps? Oh well, wouldn’t want to injure my brain from thinking when some more I’ll get to wear the cheongsam.

All set to go hunt for ang pow ^^

Along the way we geng up with PLU for picca ^^

small Nana ( susanna ) with her Vietnamese style

big Nana ( Xuxanna, our name all linked u see.. family's bond) with her ultra tight Cheongsam

Self Indulging =D

Trying to be artistic with our pictures ^^

...I love Ang Pow....

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