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Thursday, November 29, 2007

ROLF CUP -- The All-Star Charity Soccer

It have been century ago since the last time I step my foot on Upper Penang Road on weekdays. My newly add telecommunication line, the infamous Celcom that dragged me there. They sms me stated that I’ll get to greet and meet celebrity from Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. So UPR, here i come. On the newspaper showed that the party is from 8pm until 2am and some advertisement stated as early as 6pm and due to some setback I reach there around 9pm. I thought I will miss all the excitement but when I reached, I can see emptiness.@.@" Slightly glad and ashamed too ( I was nagging inside car for the lateness ).

The beginning was quite good as we're entertained by the clown silliness and MC of the night Soong Ai Ling and Lil John witty words.My night slowly warm up when I went up the stage for some silly games and got myself some Celcom merchandise. Then the peak kick in when people gotten anxious over the arrival of the stars, all the stars came except stars from Hong Kong. People are quite disappointed when Hong Kong stars didn’t arrive like the MC said. Then they went off the stage area. *Poof* They're no where at sight.

Then the boring part hit when 2 street magicians performed, who did a lot of mistake up on the stage, "boy talked about the embarrassment" but they did redeem themselves when they came down the stage to perform the Fork Meltdown (some name I came up with). After that performance straight DONE?! i was like.. Wtf.. got beginning, mid then mana End?? sheeshhh...Thought the celeb will come to the stage area,the whole event is so messed up... disappoint the the eager young and old supporters only ( me included, sobs ). Sigh.. I went back home without any pictures of the celeb but just umbrella from Celcom and twisted fork from the Magicians. Oh well.. better than nothing.. ^^

The Clowns apparently not clowning around when it comes to Balloons, the kids often ask for weird shape balloons and they handle without a sweat.. *applause for the clowns* ^^

Now they clown around.. bugging the fierce fire eater guy..

He's cute.. errr.. I meant the clown coz if he is I couldnt tell with all the make up on

MC bullying people *2 attach 1* tsk tsk

Fuuuhhhhhhhh~~~ Blow babe Blow...

Sandwich by the Chan's.. =P

The Fork Meltdown's souvenir

Me and MC of the night

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