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Friday, April 20, 2007

Splashy SPLASH!!!

Yay!! Who can resist water temptation??? Play with water; rain, water guns, buckets of water, and tons of splashing splash splash!!! Kids love it, I love it. Aunty, Uncle, Boys, Girls and I saw even old man playing too... Everybody has an inner child even the macho one, just have to search harder. lol.
I'm talking about Songkran Water Festival, a water-splashing ceremony to usher in the Thai New Year. I'm no Thai but I support the FUN that created by the ceremony so Thai or not, I'm (( IN ))... akakaa..
Nothing manages to stop me from joining the festival that comes only once a year. Even though I was so sick that day until I had to sleep in the car for 2 hours first before I went to the Wat Chaiyamangalaram to join my sis and B's siblings. Despite how I hate getting my self tan, I still can go nuts under the hot sun. Well.. I did cover up myself with long sleeve top; have to improvise to compromise my hedonism.
I went with an empty stomach but back with a belly full of water due to all the splashes,especially from those guys who kept aiming the talcum water *YUCK* to my mouth.. SHEESH!! I didn’t manage to capture any pictures of the extreme moment ( to save my camera from the water havoc ) but thank god the media does. =D

See how excited I am until I open my mouth so big.. sheesh.. No wonder I chucked down so much water. Duh~~

EXTRA EXTRA!!! Latest trend!! Water Scooper to look super~~
lol... from left; B’s bro, B, my sister, some guy pouring cold water to me, and the big guy is Alvin if not mistaken.

Perfect timing! See the mean guy with the big bucket plus water in the mid air heading towards me. You can bet after this wonderful shot, OHHHHH OOOO~~~

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Anonymous said...

Hey babes, it's been awhile. How are you?

It's hard to believe you're gonna be 21 this year when you look this cute!

Jealous siot! lol :P

- Meng Yen ( if you still remember me :P:P)