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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Really Delicious~~

Rushed down to KL just to attend my beloved cousin sis 21st Birthday Party (hope she appreciate it). Before her big day I take the opportunity to meet my great ol Guru aka MR. MAK.K.W.

MAK making funny faces.. *his smile remind me of Elmo* akaka...

Mak brought me to Delicious by Ms. Read for lunch. I had my all time favourite lasagna and the chocolate brownie that he tempted me with not long ago for dessert. I never interested in chocolaty indulgence as I'm a cheese freak but I made an exception since Mak said until its OH SO GREAT. As much as I thought it’s just another ordinary too sweet chocolaty treat but Ms. Read “Chocolate Brownie with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream” is really.. I do mean REALLY YUMMY!!!!

Sinfully Wonderful =P

They heat up the brownie and serve it with hot chocolate sauce with vanilla ice cream on top. It’s a combination of hot & cold and chocolate & vanilla. Just the way I like it, well balance. Not only hot and bored but it's spike up with a hint of coldness, not too chocolaty as it’s balanced out with vanilla cream. Ahh.. now that’s what I call of having the best of both world. Thanks MAK~~

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