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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Polis Tolong??

Last Sunday my near encounter with an infamous snatch theft slash molester nearly give me a heart attack. The one I encountered is a Malay fellow; he is not dirty looking with days of unshaven face but quite decent looking young adult. Such a shame he brought to our nation. He is neither mentally nor physically disable because he sure can ride a motorcycle skillfully with the sudden U-turn as soon as he saw me standing on the street.

Bad guy no longer this easy to spot...

When I saw his sudden U-turn, I turned around to face him and hands up front just to be precautionary and my instinct is right as B’s maid shout at me, “Cepat masuk dalam kereta, dia orang JAHAT!!”. She shouted after he passed by me and she afraid that he will come back and indeed he does. Thank god I was alert during that time and my handbag wasn’t with me. I can get attack even if not bag is with me because he is also known for his sexual abusive behavior.

Later of the night, B’s maid told me. He came back again and brought two more fellow with him, to gang up on me I presume. I guess he thought I just came down from the car while I was trying to get into it for dinner.

B sisters and family surely had their fair share with this fellow. Been trying to snatch his sister’s bag for quite a few times and once his cousin was walking outside his house area and that malevolent guy hit her buttock. This fellow will molest or kick you if he can’t get your bags.
How do I know that it is the same guy who responsible for all those crime??
It is because all B’s sisters recognize his face already. He is not afraid of us recognizing him as he tried to attack me during day time. Can you believe it?
We know who made the crime and yet he is loose and free like a bird.
B’s sister all have to run to the house everyday instead of walking gracefully.
This is ridiculous!!
Where is the justice in this country??

Urgh.. I’m So SO MAD!!!
As a female, I felt so vulnerable.
Where are the entire nation’s policeman who are fed by we taxpayer?!
When these sorts of stuff happened, what does the authority say??
We female brought it to ourselves,
we dress to pretty or we show off too many jewelry.


If everyone thought this way, this country will be full of ugly looking, dirty clothing, and selfless female. Whoever who said that I hope their spouses and family will have their fair share of experience with those malicious inhuman people. Not that I'm cruel or something but just for them to know how it feel to be the victim and hopefully they will take some action rather than babbles all the nonsense.

We as a female have to fear snatch theft, rapist, molester, and now some
narrow-minded politic jerk?? Why do they have to protect the crime maker??
Don’t they realize that children have been kidnap, rape and lives have been taken?
Young teens, ladies, and even old grandmother have been rape and some snatch theft’s victim is still in coma.

Just by standing outside B's house I nearly become a victim. This is so pathetic!! Oh yea, that Malay fellow has been arrested by the police before and yet he is free like bird now... Where is the justice… I’m so sad…. Uhuhuhuhuh…

P.S. I want pepper spray


Aronil said...

my gosh that is terrible.. I'm guessing that a police report has already been made but nothing has been done then.

jolyn cutiez said...

I didn't make any police report thinking that it will be a waste of time since no harm have been done and ntg got snatch so... =(

Ohkulala said...

yikes, so sorry to hear of your mishap. anyhow, congrats on being best dressed at the nuffnang's wild live party. its kul the peacock dropping by to say hi :)

jolyn cutiez said...

Thanks Dear =)