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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Mr Lim, Mrs Lim, Miss Lim.. lai dinner ^^

This is the second time I followed bb to Lim Association Annual Dinner. Here you can find Mr.Lim, Mrs. Lim, Ms. Lim and Madam Lim too. During dinner I can hear 2 or 3 people who have the exact same name with ah b. hohoho.. so surrounded by Lims ^^

I’m not really fond of dinner as a lot of food they served I couldn't eat because I’m allergic to seafood. Not really a bad thing lar because I end up eating half of the food they presented (won’t gain pound easily if I have a lot dinner to attend =P). I said I’m not fond of going but the reason I still go besides being polite is I Get to Doll up! Okay.. I may sound a little vain here but back to reality please, who doesn’t like to look pretty or look at pretty people?? Ehem.. I was saying about the dinner, the food they served is not bad and the performance was great especially by B's cousin.


~~BBBBBBBB~~ look darn fierce.. piffff..

a young violinist in B's family, She got the grooves and guts too..

Planting some vain seeds into them, simply adorable ^^

My not so kid anymore sis @@"

Pun of d day

Ow yea, before I went to the dinner I manage to stop by at Sunway Carnival to give Eleave Beauty & Slimming Centre’s road show a support. I’m their loyal customer for acute pressure massage, if you haven get to know what is it yet, it is the best remedy for pressure and nerves. They promotes blood circulation, detoxify and tons more benefits. I simply couldn’t live without it. SERIOUSLY!!

Christine Mindo, the great o mighty masseuse~~ =P

Aemy, the bubbly owner..

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